The creative and the logical mind

A couple of weeks ago I was writing down some thoughts, something I regularly do before I start my work day. Writing everything down helps me to have a clear mind before being swallowed up by the things that need my attention that day. I was reflecting on how, in my work as a composer […]

A Sleep Story

Last year I discovered sleep stories, they are a lifesaver for insomniacs! Do you also have trouble falling asleep at night? Then put on this sleep story, and let these words and sounds gently put you to sleep.

The Nutcracker, Christmas and the Imagination

Imagination is one of our core values. We protect this realm of possibility and space, especially when we are creating. I was delighted to discover that one of the most famous images for Christmas is actually also such a symbol for the imagination. I suppose the cliché is true, Christmas really is a magical time […]


I’m not really sure how to label this: a composition, a song or a musical poem. I was fiddling around with the idea of growing patterns, which is definitely a remnant of my study into minimal music (years ago).

Autumn Leaves

Suited to the season, I thought I’d play you one of my favourite covers, Autumn Leaves, composed by Joseph Kosma. Autumn is a season when normally I would be lamenting the end of summer and resisting the advancing grey dreariness. I would fight it and try to hold on to the long summer days a […]