Album Release Show Aftermovie

Last Saturday we finally played our grand album release show in Theatre MIMIK in Deventer. Our debut album ‘A Siren’s Call’ already came out in the fall, but because of Covid restrictions, we’ve had to postpone this concert until now.


A week ago we got to play for a live audience again at campsite De Lievelinge. It felt incredible, this beautiful campsite and creative community totally took us by surprise and we felt right at home. The connection with the audience and the early summer vibes were the warmest ‘welcome back’ to live shows we […]

Livestream Bibelot

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to perform a set on the main stage of Bibelot. We were blessed with an amazing crew who not only were very helpful, but really brought the experience to a next level sound and camera wise.

Livestream Concert

Tomorrow evening we are playing a livestream concert! It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to make music together again, and create an experience on stage. Thursday March 4th20:30 (Central European Time) Follow this link to get to the livestream:Livestream ISLE March 4th 2021

Photoshoot in the Woods

While we were at ISLE in the Woods we took a little time to sneak out from building the set and soundchecks to do a photoshoot with our lovely friend Stefany de Beurs.We really love the end result of her photo’s, and wanted to share them with you guys before they appear on social media […]