Hopes And Fears

Calm, Confident and Courageous. Those are words that I repeat often, and that I’d like to be. Yet I find myself more restless than I am calm, more insecure than I am confident, and more anxious than I am courageous. We are currently working on our new album, and it is exciting! Yet if I […]

Cocoons & New Beginnings (Part II)

We are in a season of writing new music. Our last album ‘A Siren’s Call’ developed over some years, so it had been a while since we had written new music. We were a bit nervous to see how the process works for us together, and if we still ‘possessed the magic’.

Cocoons & New Beginnings (Part I)

It is a time of new beginnings. To me, it seems that new beginnings inevitably go hand in hand with a season of cocooning. What is still unseen is vastly growing, coming into existence.

The Artist’s Way

After finishing our debut album, and before the process of writing our second album, both Arjan and I read a book that is a course in creativity. ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron is quite a remarkable book, and so is the way in which we both came to read this book. Read more about […]